Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The weekend was painful for Larry. It is difficult for him to get comfortable, difficult for him to breathe, difficult for him to eat - - just a tough time all around. His orthopedic surgeon informed us yesterday that his leg is now completely broken, although it is still aligned properly. We've been a bit to lax about the brace that he's supposed to be wearing all the time, and didn't realize the severity of the situation and how much damage we could have done, so the doctor ordered him to bed yesterday due to the amount of swelling in his legs (the broken one is the worst). Needless to say, Larry did not take this well at all! He has not been in bed for nearly 3 weeks because it's painful and difficult for him to breathe in bed. He's been sleeping in a recliner instead, but this is no longer an option. I think just the fact that Larry was told he couldn't do something made him angry and determined to do just the opposite. Go figure, right?!?!? Anyway, he is spending more time in bed and the swelling has definitely decreased. Thank God!!

We still don't know when they plan to put in the pain pump, but hopefully by Friday. I know Larry will be relieved just not having to worry about the IV pole and stuff. I make him a nervous wreck whenever I move him or the IV pole because I get in a hurry and have nearly yanked the thing out of his arm several times. I won't even mention the worry I've caused with the catheter he has!! Suffice it to say that I've slowed down.

Please pray that Larry will be able to rest comfortably. It is so hard to see him in so much pain and nothing seems to help, short of the medications just knocking him out.




Holly said...

Terri -

David and I were able to stop by and visit with Larry for a bit yesterday afternoon. It was so good to see him, and I'm so sorry we haven't been by earlier! We will try to get by more often!

Larry was standing when we arrived and I asked if he was allowed to be doing that, and he told us not really he wasn’t supposed to be standing, but didn’t know how else to eat his lunch!  So like you said, I'm sure being told that he cannot do something adds to his frustration.

I will pray that they get the pain pump in ASAP and that Larry will be able to really get some rest and comfort!

It was so good to see him! Hope to see you sometime soon as well!

Praying for you guys all the time!

Love you, Larry and the boys so much!

Andrew said...

I'm sorry things are so very difficult for Larry and the rest of you. It's hard to understand, and hard to know how to be there for you guys in the best way. As always, our family is praying for you all the time, and want to be any help we can.

Tina Bartlett said...


I'm so sorry that Larry's pain has been so bad. Our family continues to pray for you all.


Meme said...

All of are in our prayers! Love, Carolyn